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T.O.U. (Terms of Use)

  • Do not reupload my creations to any other websites, specially PAYSITES.
  • Do not take my textures and pass them off as yours, neither do you use them for your content.
  • Do not convert to other games, 3d programs or something like that (this counts even for personal use).
  • Do not convert to other sims games (this counts even for personal use).
  • Do not claim my creations as your own.
  • Just be respectful and everything should be fine.
  • If you use any of my custom content, please use the following tag “BERKELIUMCC” on tumblr to reblog your post.


If you have a problem with my CC, you can let me know with a private message.

New upcoming collection! Inspired by BTS!

I have a new BTS-inspired clothing collection for male coming soon!!

I actually made it ages ago when the FIRE MV was first released, but I never actually uploaded the collection to TSR. The looks are inspired by/based on clothing looks from the FIRE music video. I loved their ripped black skinny jeans and colorful patterned/Hawaiian-style shirts combo. This collection will feature a couple types of patterned shirts, the ripped black skinny jeans, shorts, and a few accsessories. 

Modern Laundry Part 2, Nov. 12th


Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on Modern Laundry Part I, I really appreciate the feedback. Laundry Part 2, is set for publication on November 12, 2018.

Part 2 includes 8 additiional new objects, lots of cleaning and laundry products, which are Wave, Fall, and Clean Earth laundry detergents, gallons of Ammonia and Cloroc Bleach, a pedestal drawer for the washer/dryer and 2 additional washer and dryer (_bottom objects) with lots of slots and when combined with Part I large appliances become stackable objects.

I am currently working on Modern Laundry Part 3, which I hope to release soon. A collection folder for Modern Laundry is available for download at MediaFire here.

Take Care and Happy Simming,

Carolyn aka Cashcraft

I'm coming BACK!

HEY! I have some wonderful and exciting new's! After taking a very long hiatus from the sims' franchise, I'm proud to announce that I will be making a come back! I'm cleaning up my gaming laptop, buying all the new game's and i will be good to go! I got most of the software I need to create clothing again. But this time it will only be for clothing.. I have no time to practice on anything else. I still will need to refresh my memory on everything. I need to download all the tools I use to use, and still remember on how to do it. lol. But anyways my clothing and models will be better thank ever!!! Thanks for you patience, Java. <3 



Can Personal Sound Tracks Be Added?

Hello everyone?


I wanted to asked if personal soundtracks can be added to the sims.


Am a DJ Maphorisa Gqom Wave II songs lover.

I just wonder if it can be added

Modern Laundry Part I, Nov. 7th

It's a Modern Laundry Set scheduled for publication on November 7, 2018. Part I includes 8 new objects for your home, which are: a clothes hamper sorter, hanging clothes, an ironing board, Simco washer and dryer set, a laundry supplies cart, utility sink, and a laundry workstation. The set is decorative only. Part II will be available soon. Happy clothes sorting, folding and ironing!

A Modern Laundry collection folder is available for download at MediaFire here.

Thanks for downloading my creations and I hope you enjoy the set

R.I.P Andrea Thomas

This is a real life resemblance of the Beautiful Late Andrea Thomas whom was a part of my family.

  • She married into my family by marrying my brother and they had two adorable Boys.
  • They broke up and then years later found each other again, but after a long time they then realised it was not going to work and finally divorced but stayed best friends.
  • My brother re-married and his new wife became good friends with Andrea too.
  • Andrea stole the heart of anyone she came across, however her life was cut short when she was Diagnosed with Cancer and she then deteriorated fast.
  • We all were told to say our goodbyes and it hit us all very fast and painfully.
  • We miss her everyday, and she is truely loved now and forever. So i created this sim as a tribute.

Andrea I know you went back home to heaven, but never forget we love you and always did, our precious Angel Andrea Thomas. xoxoxoxo

I've been hurt

I strive to be a good person. I want to be someone that anyone feels comfortable talking to or being around. I’m the person that everyone goes to ask for a pencil, holds the door for 5 minutes in the pouring rain, would give away my lunch to someone who doesn’t have one. I just want to be a good person.

The thing is my kindness is my weakness. I always try to see the good in all people, and give them the benefit of the doubt. This leads to me being used a lot. People take advantage of my kind nature for their own good, and it ends up really hurting me. These past few months have been really tough and mentally draining on me. Two people who I considered to be my closest friends used me. I was merely just the filler friend, and was only there until they didn’t need me anymore. I would do anything for them, and they knew that. They both took advantage of my good heart to stab me in. 
You guys don’t know how much I did for those two, and how much they really did mean to me. To know that it all meant nothing was like a knife to my chest.  
My feelings didn’t matter, only what would benefit them. 

I have never been depressed, but since about May I just felt like the world was grey. That I didn’t matter to anyone, and was just a stepping stone for those around me. I was in a really freaking dark spot. (This kinda explains why my upload schedule has been wacky over the summer.) I had no motivation for anything really. 

I am sick of sitting around feeling defeated. I’m done, if I meant nothing to them they shouldn’t mean much to me. 

I know I have a good heart and good intentions. Yeah, I was hurt like really bad, but not everyone has the same mindset as I do. I know I’m a good person, and I will go places. When they are going down a road that only will lead to a sad life.That’s the truth of the matter. I may have been in a dark spot for quite some time, but I’m done. 

It’s time to show them the friendship they threw away was actually worth something.   

Super Day

Went out to the real world today after the work at my Kosmetolog job. Came out perfect as i was giving this perfect ansigtsbehandling københavn to this beautyful girl.

Asliene collection Nov 2018

Here collection asliene for novembre

Hello everyone, New User Alert

Hello, I am new here and my name is Cassper Nyovest, I am from South Africa.

Hi everyone

I'm quite new new here. I don't know most of you at all very well but i will love to.


My Name Is Prince kaybee Tribute To HHP from South Africa.

I watch TV shows on iTunes, Microsoft Store, Netflix, Hulu, and sometimes on TLC and Investigation Discovery

I love music.


Hello,Im New! :)

Hello,I am new there. And I dont know how to create meshes here. Can you help meh? :)

Hello, everyone.

I'm new here. I don't know you at all very well. I love to sing. I taught myself singing lessons in January 1994. I taught myself acting lessons when I was 10 years old. I taught myself voice acting lessons when I was 14 years old. I finished high school at age 20 in 2002. I just got hired to make eggs and Canadian bacon at McDonald's recently. I'm going to be working 2 jobs from now on. Hopefully someday, I'd be working 3 jobs. I thought about registering as self-employed in order to become a voice actress, a model, a fashion designer, an author, and a lead singer of my own pop band called Drunk American Ninjas. I am thinking about writing my own songs. The only musical instrument I plan on playing is my voice. I hope to hire an a voice acting coach, a singing coach and a modeling coach after I move out of the group home. I smoke what kind of cigarettes I can afford. I don't smoke cigars anymore. The last time I smoked a cigar, I choked on a cigar smoke and vomited. I am never smoking cigars again. I sometimes go to the bar and have some beer, some wine, some tequilla, some champagne, and some vodka. I watch TV shows on iTunes, Microsoft Store, Netflix, Hulu, and sometimes on TLC and Investigation Discovery. My whole family and a lot of people have always hated me. It is my sister-in-law, her son and her granddaughter who made my whole family disown me. I hate my whole family for it. I want to have nothing to do with them except my mother and my grandparents. I'm sure my whole family don't want to have anything to do with me. I hope you all have a good night. Happy Simming.



New Account

***** NEWS***** I have a new TSR Account!! The username is Kireina Sims. It is brand New so I do not have any CC uploaded yet, but stay tuned! The focus of Kireina Sims will be more about high fashion and CC based on my personal style. 

Asdemi wool collection for october 2018

Asdemi wool collection for september 2018.  wool, chic and confortable clothing  collection. happy simming friends!



Hey guys, sorry for being absent for a while but i was having issues with my laptop and it turned out that the hard drive was dead basically. ive got a new one and i have all my artwork and files but not my programs. Ive been trying to recover as much as i can so it might be a while until i release some new cc. Im really sorry and i apreciate all of your support. Thank you :)


K i guess this is the only way i can do this since thier is no way that i am seeing to contact the people who  run the site to get help. I am having issues with the site, no none of the options yall have listen are what is going on with what i have wrong. what is going on is i have this long bar going straight down the middle of my screen with all the options of every single verison of all the sims and i can get rid of it. I cant see anything behind it lets me reload the page but it still doesnt go away, would greatly appricate it if someone could get back with me on this or better yet fix it.

'Norma' Blouse **UPDATED**

Hey everyone!

It was brought to my attention recently that one of the LODs was missing from the 'Norma' Blouse and and that it still had the original one I'd worked from on the Frankenmesh. Rookie mistake, I know. Nice thing to realise about two years down the line as well - doh! Since I really can't deal with the hassle of trying to get it replaced here, you can find the fixed and updated verson over at my blog: 'Norma' Blouse - FIXED!

B2 x



Wellness Dry feet collection soon!


Sul Sul! Well I have never done a blog before, so this is new to me. I found this by clicking around. I always say, be a clicker because you never know what will pop up! As long as it isn't the code to something bad, then we should be OK.  :) So..I have been building like crazy and trying to be a better builder. Some of my builds, I am so happy about and others...well I will just keep trying...but as long as Sims like it and it is playable, then that is always a plus.  I am so happy to be a part of TSR and the support I get from fellow Simmers is so much appreciated. For my very first blog, I want to thank everyone for downloading my builds and adding them to your game. With so much creativity out there in Sim Land, that you download and use my builds in your game is such an honor to me and I thank you so much. I feel encouraged to keep learning and keep building. So thank you. More to come...until next time..Dag Dag!

Pantry Part 4, September 3rd.


On September 3, 2018 the Sims 3 set, Pantry Part 4 "Small Appliances and Accessories," will be published. The set includes 10 new objects and/or recolors. There are a couple of small appliances, an 18qt. roaster oven and a 4 slice toaster (decorative only), 3 sets of pitchers with mugs or beverage glasses, jars of dill pickles, jars of marinara sauce, jars of peaches, an updated shopping bags (I fixed the color variants, there are now 3) and a hanging oven mitten. I hope you enjoy the set!

An updated Pantry Collection Folder is available for download at MediaFire, here.

Take Care,

Carolyn, aka Cashcraft

My Youtube Channel

I recentally started my own youtube channel! I of course play sims on there. I make create a sim videos and speed builds and just anything sim related! Possibly a future simple cc tutorial! Anyways please check out my channel! PRESS THIS


Pantry Part 3, August 27th


You might have guessed ... I have a "thing" for organization and storage within The Sims' world and in real life. It's both a blessing and a curse, lol!

Pantry Part 3 is set for publication on August 27, 2018. The set includes 8 new objects, a metal storage rack "The Rack," with over 40 slots, canned jars of green beans, stewed tomatoes, 4 packs of or orange and lemon-lime sodas, shopping bags, hanging towel rack, and a 4 pack of San Pleasant mineral water. 

I'm also finishing up Pantry Part 4, which should be available by the end of this week for download. An updated collection folder for the Pantry set is available for download at MediaFire here.

Take care and happy simming!

Carolyn aka, Cashcraft

update on Madison Lane Toliet

Hi All,

The Toliet for the Madison Lane Bathroom will be published on the 23rd.  A link to the download will be added at that time.  I apoglize again for any inconvience.



Submissions Help

I don't know how many people are out there submitting creations for Sims 3 review, but I'm sure there are a lot.  I'm one of them..  I've noticed that on the upcoming creations list, there are only 4 and they've been there at least 2 days.  

I would LOVE to help move these things along and review them.  I'm 51 years old and wracked with pain, so I sit most of the time and play the Sims.  If there is anyone out there who feels as I do, please leave your comments below!  I want to hear from you!

Toilet for Madison Lane Bathroom

Hi All,


Madison Lane Bathroom was published today, yet in my crazyiness, I forgot to add the toliet for the set lol.  I have uploaded it today and the link to the toliet should be added shortly.  Again I thank everyone for visiting my site and downloading my creations.




Embraced by the joy when you realize that a set appears in all 4 versions of the game, we bring today  the 'Vogue' set, full of history and yet totally revamped ^^
It is always such a lovely feeling being a part of this great Community since sims1 &amp;#9829;
Also time to thank you sincerely for being with us since then :D

Just a bit of our personal history ^^ Vogue through the years

Vogue The Sims 2 ( released September/2007 )
Vogue The Sims 1 ( released March/2009 )
Vogue The Sims 3 ( released February/2010 )
Vogue The Sims 4 ( released August 2018 )

Hope you keep enjoying our designs :)

Happy simming!







sims 4

Sims 4 Careers Downloads

I created some careers and they are posted on my tumblr and simsworkshop. The links are below.

Simblr    and   Simsworkshop

swimwear-body summer-6color

LindaSim_swimwear_body summer-6color
AF / купальники / The sims 2


Newcrest Project (Part 1)

I'm starting a cute little project on The Sims 4. Come join me on a journey to build Newcrest from the ground up!

1 Million Downloads

It's definitely a surreal feeling to stare at my profile and actually see that number that so many other artists have seen before, and long ago surpassed — artists that I have cherished and that have inspired me. That continues to be the case.

I also deeply appreciate the downloaders and supporters, as that number would not exist without them, either! Thank you.

I know that my relationship with design has seemed on-again-off-again, but, that is the only the case when it comes to Sims. I've actually been exploring other realms of design that interest me as well. I've definitely tried to keep checking back and leaving replies to all the kind comments that you all send.

This has been quite the motivation to come back to designing again for Sims, although the fact that there have been various updates and add-ons, as well as the fact that I will be undoubtedly rusty is pretty daunting lol. (As you can tell, I've always been so full of confidence. Wink)

But, for now, I must go see to all the new, wonderful creations that have been added! <3



Cherries Outfit FIXED

Hi everyone, I have fixed the cherries outfit, but I am having problems with uploading the updated file onto tsr. For now if you would like to download it, here is the link to my tumblr post about it! . have a good day!

July 2018 Update!


As I type this, I am working on two new pieces! My crazy summer semester is finally almost over and I've been finding a lot more time and a lot more inspiration than I was having when I wrote my last blog post. Expect the two pieces to be submitted hopefully by the end of the weekend. They are both recolors & retextures of hair from the Seasons Expansion Pack: one female and one male (FINALLY)! 

After I release these two pieces, I plan to submit a new piece each Friday (more if I have the time). So, expect to start seeing some more activity coming from my store!

Thanks for your continued support! <3 

~ LL

Tatuagem Feminina

Tatuagem Feminina

Over 100 Uploads

I would like to thank everyone for the support over the last 5+ years. I have recently uploaded my 100th creation. That being said, my 5th TS4 creation is about to be published. Anyone that would like to submit suggestions, please do and if I can do it, I will try to.


Hello everyone!

for a lengthy period of time, I am not able to upload creations.

Hope I can be back as fast as possible!!!

Thank your so much for your kind and encourage support on my creation, they are all so very welcome!!!

Hugs matomibotaki

{Toddler animals fans} T-shirts for SIMS 4

Cute pets fans shirts for toddlers sims 4

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