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1 milly!

I'm not crying - you're crying! Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I started making custom content 6 months ago I had no idea I would get this much interest. I absolutley love making cc and it makes me so happy to see so many of you enjoying it! Thank you for the support and downloads simmers! I hope to bring you so much more cc in the future! ❤



It's my first post! ILY!


Hi everyone just wanted to let you know I have tested my baby cc since the latest patch and I'm not having any issues. I want to thank each of you that have downloaded my cc and shown so much love in doing so. I appreciate you very much. Have a wonderful day.


News! Modern Closet Set Part I, Part 2, and Part 3


Closet is a Sims 3 set and the first part will be available on July 29th. Part II and Part III are available on July 30th and August 5th, respectively. The sets include a total of 25 objects, which are:

--blue jeans folded

--brown jeans folded

--boudoir chair

--bucket handbag

--chocolate drawstring handbag

--classic canvas sneakers

--corner storage unit (with 7 slots)

--cream drawstring handbag

--deco lips pillow, for the chair

--dress hanging, to use with the dresser, storage unit 02

--dresser unit 02, wtih over 30 slots

--luxury handbag

--another luxury handbag

--peep toe heels

--pink drawstring handbag

--Nikki classic canvas sneakers (fake brand name)

--red bottom high heels

--red and blue jeans

--sandals, wedge heel

--storage boxes

--storage unit 01, with over 25 slots

--sweaters folded 01

--sweaters folded 02

--vanity mirror, to use with storage unit 01

--vanity wall lighting, to use with mirror

I love shopping for clothing, shoes, and handbags and creating this set was almost like going on a shopping spree. A collection folder is available at MediaFire, here. I hope you enjoy the set and because I still have more ideas for objects, there might be a Part 4. Stay tuned...

Take care and Happy Simming,

Carolyn a.k.a Cashcraft


New Recolors!

I'm bored so I'm going yo work on recoloring more and I'll try to add more swatches this time!

BATHTUB fix ok

Bathtub. Fixed.

just to prevent, that my bathtub works properly in the game, with the mermaids.

SIMcredible Tubs - Fixed files list for Island Living EP

hi guys!!
All SIMcredible tubs are now fixed and functional with mermaids from the Island Living EP.
Please re-download them and make sure to replace the old versions for the newest ones! Enjoy

here's the link for all our fixed tubs ( easily search for the ones you want )


💕💕💕 We want to thank sincerely our friends Danuta720, Colleen and Judy450 for their kind help and tests !!! Thank you, Ladies!!! 🌼💐🌼
Happy simming Everyone! ^^


Немножко нового о Sims 4 ^^

Сегодня в Sims 4 было выпущено довольно нетрадиционное обновление, представляющее полный ребрендинг серии, а также некоторые изумительные новые функции, такие как новая викторина с личным сюжетом в CAS и более 1000 разблокированных объектов декора мира.

CAS также получил несколько новых дополнений. Существует новая прическа для женских симов, и несколько предметов из различных наборов были разблокированы для основной игры вместе с некоторыми новыми образцами цветов для этих предметов. Перечисленные здесь элементы CAS, которые были включены в ранее выпущенные пакеты, будут добавляться только в новых добавленных пресетах. Пакет, упомянутый ниже, для каждого элемента требуется наличие всех предустановок.

Так же хочу порекомендовать: - Путеводитель по геймплею Sims 4 - последние новости от Sims 4 - подходящие видеокарты для игр 2019


Hello guys! I just made this account and so far I’m looking around for stuff and I found a beautiful Lolita gothic dress it is so beautiful so go look up Lolita dress and a nice puffy dress in black should pop up click/press that one I love that dress so much I can’t wait to use it


Hello Simmers!

.I would like to know what CC you would like to see.

Please comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible ❤


One Step At A Time ...

Hello fellow Simmers. 

Just a quick update: I am about to undergo my second brain surgery in 3 months on this Monday, so I am slowly working on more Sims 4 lots to bring to you. I had anticipated doing more by now, however "Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it" and you fight through whatever happens to you. By the end of summer, l look forward to being myself again and building lots for Sims 4, at a more steady pace. One step at a time ...

ALG Builds


Hi everyone!  The growth of my little neck of TSR has grown so much and I'm so happy seeing how much people are enjoying my new items, recolors, etc.  I love creating new things for you all! 

So I have set up a new Tumblr completely dedicated to my Sims CC work. You can find it here:

I also have set up Patreon as I was asked if I had one recently.  By no means do I expect anyone to donate, nor am I asking or plan to charge for my CC.  I don't want to put my work behind a pay wall at all. I want everyone to enjoy my creations at their leasure. That being said, if you DO feel so inclined as to drop a little donation my way, I have set the Patreon up so that I can use anything received towards learning how to create new meshes (and new mods potentially in the future).  I am not including the link as I do not know TSR's policy on that, but you can find me there by my username "neinahpets" :)

Thank you all for your support!  I hope to be able to provide even better content for you all in the future!  I'm actually out of my day job at the moment due to injury (I'm a hairstylist by day) so I have the extra time to devote to hopefully getting extra creations than usual or working on educating for mesh creation.

Again, thank you for all the kind comments and support! This community has been so welcoming :)


Hello friends!

All my baths have been fixed for update 1.52 'Island Living'. Download them again and do not forget to delete old files from your Mods folder! Thank you for using my content!

New Poster Girl

New Banner of Bian

Wah I'm super happy there are asian themed outfits and cc over here. 

And was able to bring my girl into the Sims. I'm in love with her and for now she'll be featured on my TSR page lol ♥


Consider supporting me & checking out my social media: 🔶 Patreon 🔴 Redbubble 🌲Ko-fi 📗DeviantArt 🐦 Twitter 🥃 Tumblr

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! It's been a while, but it's finally summer and I'm very excited to be making new custom content again. I have some pieces done already as well as a bunch of new ideas, so keep an eye out for those coming soon! I'm also going to be editing my old posts so my new info is up, since a lot of it has changed. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys soon!

29/06/2019 Update - Important!


Hope you are all well♥.

I am so sorry I am quiet recently - not only I worked on new stuff for you guys but also most of you don't know - I am getting married soon ☺👰🏻

That's why I come with 2 important news updates. 

1. There are 4(!) sets new creations coming for themed week + a surprise creation I am waiting to be approved by TSR Team. You can preview them on my Ko-Fi page as usual. (Just be aware that Ko-Fi is a donate website but I do not oblige you to support me to see new stuff. It's very optional if you wanna support me or not ♥☺)

Buy Me a Coffee at
*just click the button above*

2. Due to my wedding organisation I require to travel between countries a lot. Whole July + 1st half of August will be very heated time for me. I might not have a lot of time to submit new creations so I will very likely disappear during summer. If I find time for creating - I will surely update you and submit new stuff ☺.

I hope you will like my new summery creations,

Have a lovely day,

♥♥ Caroll 


New CC Soon

Hi Guys! After a long time I am backand I am about to create some recolors for Hypnosis Mic!

If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment, but be aware that I am only able to recolor already existing maxis stuff, so I am a bit limited to what I can do!

17/06/2019 Update


Hope you are all well♥.

As I mentioned in last week's update - there is a house coming veeeerrry soon on my profile ☺.

This weekend I managed to wrap up whole creation and graphics so I am very happy to show you what I created (with a little bit of help of my Instagram followers ♥)

You can check out the new lot on my Ko-Fi page. 

(Just be aware that Ko-Fi is a donate website but I do not oblige you to support me to see new stuff. It's very optional if you wanna support me or not ♥☺)

Buy Me a Coffee at

I am also working on stuff you gonna see during the Summer Adventure themed week 🌴🌞😎. I have few bits and bobs ready right now, and probably will upload them next week so they can be published around that time ☺. 

Have a lovely day and a week,

♥♥ Caroll 

PS. you might get a surprise from me very soon as well, stay tuned 😎. 

Note About Pride Month Shirts

TSR is publishing the shirts one per day, if you click on one and there is no file to download, it just means that it hasn't been published yet and what you are looking at is a preview. TSR only posts previews of the next 2-3 items from what I have seen, so if you would like to see a full preview you can view all of them here:


Important news about 04/06/19 update.

Hello lovelies ♥


Due to circumstances out of my control I am changing my plans with one of the recent creations.

I just wanna announce that Plain Paints set will be only available on Tumblr. The set will be released tomorrow (11/06) to download and all of the creations are going to be Tumblr exclusive. 

I am sorry I hyped you for this big set but with my busy schedule that's the best I can do now.

To visit my Tumblr account click here.

Have a good evening,

♥♥♥ Caroll

10/06/2019 Update


I hope last week and weekend went well for you all ♥.

I just wanted to briefly update you there will be another pack of walls coming very soon on my profile ☺. I created an additional pack of bricks - this time it will be the modern design set. The walls are already available to preview on my Ko-Fi page. 

(Just be aware that Ko-Fi is a donate website but I do not oblige you to support me to see new stuff. It's very optional if you wanna support me or not ♥☺)

Buy Me a Coffee at

Also this set is going to be the last one for wall creations in a while. I am focusing on a new lot right now and after that you can expect me to start creating new CCs for the Summer Adventure themed week 🌴🌞😎.

Have a lovely day and a week,

♥♥ Caroll 

[SS] Mio - Colorful Prints(Recolors)


Created for: The Sims 4

I made a recolors of that picture of Mio-Sims, I hope you like it. (Credits of original mesh by Mio-Sims)

Download Original Mesh:


Download Recolors in my blog:

robe blanche


04/06/2019 Update


Hope you are doing alright!

I uploaded last night a new set of walls. The newest dowload will be Plain Paints set.

I always wanted to make a pack of plain walls to use in my creations in a multiple ways - probably you noticed I am a fan of monochromatic designs ☺. 

The set will include 4 walls - Basics, Brights,Darks and Pastels. This is my biggest set I made so far - between 4 walls you will find 64(!) swatches in different colours - from simple whites and grays to rainbow tones. 

Also for this month's Tumblr exclusive there is a pack of Rainbow paints to honour the Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈. This pack has the extra 6 swatches. 

You can preview the Plain Paints and Rainbow pack on my Ko-Fi page. Just simply click the button below.

(Just be aware that Ko-Fi is a donate website but I do not oblige you to support me to see new stuff. It's very optional if you wanna support me or not ♥☺)

Buy Me a Coffee at

 As usual, the creations are going to be available to download 24hrs prior to the TSR release (unless the TSR team uploads the creation next day)☺.

Have a lovely day and a week,

♥♥ Caroll 

Happy Pride Month! And Shirts!

Happy Pride Month, everybody! I've been spending my free time working on some shirts for the occasion. I've submitted a few so far and those are just pending for approval, but am working on more so check back if you are interested! Previews here:

I hope you're all having a great week! 🌈

Gabby's Camping Adventure Part 2, May 31st

Hi y'all,

Gabbbys Camping Adventure Part 2, is scheduled for publication on May 31, 2019. The Sims 3 set features wall art, accessories and an armoire (cloned from a dresser) with a stuffed snake toy on its roof. Part 2, also features, several woodland critter statues (decorative clutter), woodland critter books and bookends, another toy camper in blue, wall art (with 5 variants) and the armoire with snake, which has 3 variant colors of the snake. This was a fun set to create--I hope you enjoy it.

An updated collection folder is available for download at MediaFire, here.

Happy camping and watch out for snakes!


Rumby's Social Media


I'm an artist and roleplayer who has too many OC's and too much art of them ♥ 
Please do not use my characters, adopts, or art without permission. 
However if you're drawing art for me of my characters feel free to do so! 

Hopefully can make a sim version of my characters. 
I might use this account or my twitter or tumblr to blab about my sims or share cool CC I find!

You can find me and my characters and projects here at my art quest and project site

Though here are some other sites I'm on:

Rumby Da by RumCandyAdoptRumby Tumblr by RumCandyAdopt
Rumby Gaia by RumCandyAdoptRumby Paigeeworld by RumCandyAdopt
Rumby Instagram by RumCandyAdoptRumby Toyhouse by RumCandyAdopt
Rumby Commissions by RumCandyAdopt
Rumby Youtube by RumCandyAdoptArt Quest & Projects



27/05/2019 Update

Hi lovelies!

This week you are going to get 2 new creations:

Beach Murals (available to download on 28th May) and Old Bricks (available to download on 30th May).

 If you haven't read my latest post, I would love to remind that Beach Murals have an exclusive item available only on my Tumblr account. As usual prior to TSR release - you can already download the set from my Tumblr including the extra mural. 


In other news I am working on another wall design right now and I will include another exclusive item on my Tumblr for June's release. Not sure when it's going to be available to download but I will try my best to share with you as soon as it is possible. 

Have a lovely day and a week,

♥♥ Caroll 

More items on the way!

Just a quick update, I'm still working on things and I have a Tumblr now, feel free to add me!


Thank you for all your encouragement! It really means so much. So happy to be able to share with all of you. Happy Simming!

What Should I Make As My Next Cc?

I Have Been Wondering What I Should Do For My Next Custom Content Peice. Please Keep In Mind That I Have Only Just Started Making Custom Content, So Restrain From Reccommending Anything Too Advanced. Name Something Like A Theme (e.g. Cartoons, Memes, Halloween Or Christmas), Something Like A Colour (e.g. Pink, Blue, Black Or Burgandy) Or The Style (e.g. Tank Top, Ripped Jeans, Booty Shorts Or Blazer ). The Words In The Brackets Are Just Examples, So Please Don't Feel As If You Need To Choose From Them. Let Your Imagination Run Wild! I'm Not That Creative So I Need Help With This Kind Of Stuff. I'll Give Credit To Whoever Gives The Idea! Multiple Ideas Sent That Are Identical, I Will Pick ( If Liked ) The First Ever Person I Can Find That Suggested It. Sorry If Your's Isn't Picked, It Isn't Guarenteed. Remember, Credit Will Be Given And Earnings Devided. Thanks!

20/05/2019 Update - important news!

Hi everyone !

Hope your weekend was great!

 I want to introduce you a brand new idea to my CC creations as well as preview new stuff coming soon on TSR. 


This time I have some summer vibes creations for you guys 🌴🌴! The TSR users will have 4 new murals for their gameplay. 

As I want to reward some of my supporters - once a month I will be creating a special CC content for people visiting my Tumblr account. Every month there will be an extra creation available only on my page For this month's extra CC item will be the additional mural I also previewed on my Ko-fi page. To preview new stuff - just click the button below.

(Just be aware that Ko-Fi is a donate website but I do not oblige you to support me to see new stuff. It's very optional if you wanna support me or not☺.)

Buy Me a Coffee at

 As usual, the creations are going to be available to download 24hrs prior to the TSR release (unless the TSR team uploads the creation next day)☺.

Have a lovely day and a week,

♥♥ Caroll 

opinion  esta roupa é muito bonita

Creating coustom countent

1. How do you make coustom countent?
2. Does the website hurt your computer?
Have a nice day! :)

and how do you change your username?

House for The Sims 2

Hello everybody. I think more people playing at the The Sims 3 or 4. It's my the first house in TS2. I have oldest version of TS2 and therefore i can't change roof pitch angle. This house was built in colonial style. 2 floor corridor is poor.


Gabby's Camping Adventure, May 18th

Gabby's Camping Adventure is a Sims 3 set that I created for my niece Gabriella, who loves the outdoors and all things camping. The set is scheduled for publication on May 18, 2019 and it features a tent bed (cloned from a loveseat), Armoire (cloned from a dresser), a woodland fairy table (dining table), toadstool chair, decorative hanging spheres for the tent bed, a pink toy camper, a tree styled bookshelf, and a tripod floor lamp. So, if you're a camping enthusiast, or you just enjoy the great outdoors, this is the set for you and your Sims. Watch out for bears!

Gabby's Camping Adventure collection is folder is available at MediaFire, here.

Gabby's Camping Adventure, Part II is coming soon! Take care and Happy Simming!

09/05/2019 Update

Hi everyone ☺!

Hope your week goes well!

There is a new preview of upcoming creations on my Ko-Fi page!

  There will be 5 new walls - if you are curious how they look - just click the button below.

Just be aware that Ko-Fi is a donate website but I do not oblige you to support me to see new stuff. It's very optional if you wanna support me or not☺. 

Buy Me a Coffee at

 As usual, the creations are going to be available to download 24hrs prior to the TSR release (unless the TSR team uploads the creation next day). You can visit my Tumblr profile here☺.

Have a lovely day and a week,

♥♥ Caroll 

I opened my Simsblr ♥

Hola, que tal es la primera vez que subo algo aquí pasen por página y lespero qie les guste lo que subo. Pronto iré subiendo videos de cómo construir todo. Gracias


Comeback Time

Hey guys it has been a while, and I am truly sorry about that.
I hate not posting, but life likes to pile things up, and time seems to just never exist at this point. 
With the school year reaching an end in a couple of weeks, my schedule is due to open back up. 
I really do want to start uploading twice a week again, but at the same time I want to ease back into the groove.
It has been almost two onths since I sat down to create something, so I don't want to burn myself out immediately. 
Probably for the next few weeks I am going to aim to be back on my new content every Sunday grind, and swtich to multipe times a week after school ends for the year. 

I am really sorry about disappearing without a word. Something about this time of the year likes to consume all my time.
On the flip side, some good has happened over the past few months.
For instance I just celebrated my 17th birthday about two weeks ago. I have no idea how I am aging so quickly aha. Like how am I legally an adult next year!?
I also took the SAT and got an alright score! So the stress of testing is dying down too, I just have to do exams in June. 

Needless to say things have been full of ups and downs, and time became limited. I am beyond happy to make a comeback, because frankly I missed it!
A break is always good, but its been too long.

Can't wait to bring you guys new content!
And thank you for always being so understanding,


Emma :) 

Some fixed files

Hello Simmers! 😀
While working on new sets, we are here to let you know that we've fixed a few problems in some of our older TSR files.
here's the list to help you to identify:

If you have any of the fixed files in this list, please 🙏 them 🤗.
We sincerely apologize for this annoying inconvenience which re-download a file is... but these files are old and had no problems at the time they were launched. Now some of their graphics look odd so, we updated them and changed some bases. They look better now (specially the peacock set 😉 )

Thank you in advance for understanding and for redownloading!
Sweet Hugs and have a lovely weekend filled with great moments & laughs 😄

Ps. stay tuned we will have new sets for your sims soon 😎


Working hard :)

I had a free day yesterday and I spent the better part of it preparing a new set and carefully testing each item one by one. First by opening the package in TSRW to make sure all textures are showing up as they should. Second, placing it in the Mods folder of a vanilla game (no other cc running), placing the item on a lot and running the game for a few minutes. The creation software allows you to select if the object, for instance, is one of the things that a sim with the "insane" trait will talk to when having one of their special moments. This is a good time to make sure that's working as it should as well.

I've also been reading and trying to learn about other things I want to try. I started another project with some framed prints, but I realized that I want to be able to remove the shine from the "glass" in the framed wall decor, because it totally takes away from whatever you've put inside the frame, depending on what it is. I made 5 swatches last night, but when I saw how it looked in game I knew I had to find a tutorial tonight on how to remove that shine. I'm looking forward to it :)

Thank you all for your nice comments on my recolors. It makes me so happy to be able to share with you, and over the moon that you're enjoying them! I will keep trying to improve and learn. Have a wonderful day, everyone! And happy Simming!


**Here is a tutorial I found on removing shine from objects:

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